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In 1998 I decided to release my first Demo CD with all my best songs from the list of rejected ones between 1995 and 1998.

Why rejected? I Always wrote, programmed and produced songs thinking in some day release them as a professional release, and these songs at this album were songs that I made accross my learning process, and almost are instrumentals.

The highlights goes to "I Don't Know" that entered to Painless '96 (my favorite on this album), "Underground" that reached the first place at VMF'97, "Don't Repress Me '96" with Great Guy on vocals, the strange "All Of Me (Remix)" and the Fernanda Abreu's cover of "Speed Racer (Dark Mix)", both with my poor vocals.

Still have one of my faves "Another Future" that was made to participate at Painless '95 and also two first instrumentals versions of my "professionals songs".

I created this album only to promote my work back in the day and used to sell it online in a CDR for the cost price.

"Dedicated to the memory of Beatriz Celina."

Beatriz Celina is my grandmother, who always believed in my music and gave me my first ever keyboard, a Yamaha PSS-50.


released February 2, 1998

All Songs Written, Programmed, Produced, Remixed & Performed by Freddy Hajas.

Except track #1 Song/Lyrics/Vocals by Raphael Alves
track #5 first solo from MSX's game "Dungeon Master"
track #7 first solo from CTN's song "Will You Be There"
track #15 written by Fernanda Abreu

01. Music 1995 Remixed 1996 02. Music 1996 03. Music 1995 04. Music 1995 05. Music 1996 06. Music 1996 Remixed 1997* 07. Music 1996 08. Music 1995 09. Music 1996 10. Music 1995 11. Music 1996 12. Music 1997* 13. Music 1996 14. Music 1995 15. Music 1995 Remixed 1998* 16. Music 1995

# All Equipament Used #

PC 386DX40 SB16 8MB RAM
*PC P100 SB16 16MB RAM

Fasttracker II & Goldwave

Mastered by Freddy Hajas 2017 @ Escape Pod Studio.


all rights reserved



Hajas Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Synthpop producer, remixer & songwriter from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Hajas has made lots of remixes for bands from all five continents as Droom, Real Life, Assemblage 23, Neverever, Information Society, Daybehavior, Anything Box, Iris, !distain, Noel and many more.

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Track Name: Don't Repress Me (Hajas Mix '96)
"Don'T RePrESS Me"
(Raphael Alves)

Express Yourself, Don't Repress Yourself!

I don't wanna say, I don't wanna say
I don't wanna... I don't wanna... I don't wanna say...

Don't Repress Me 'cause you're GAY!

I saw you last night kissing a man
Disgusting,but what can i say?
Somebody told me,I don't know why...
...You was talking with a travesti!
Don't Repress Me 'cause you're GAY!

Stop Pressuring Me! Stop Pressuring Me!

Remember that girl you have abstained
Now you're fuckin' with her boyfriend
I saw you last night kissing a man!
I saw you last night kissing a man!

Don't Repress Me 'cause you're GAY!

Someday Somebody will tell everything about you!
Someday Somebody will tell everything about you...
Track Name: All Of Me (Remix)
Don't fear, don't cry
Your fear is in your mind

Ohh my time, your time
All of my dreams are your dreams

All of me, All of me yeah
Track Name: Speed Racer (Dark Mix)
Cada dia que passa
É mais um dia que passa
Pra onde o destino me leva
Eu não sei

Eu ando pela cidade
Speed Racer pela cidade
Mach 5 cor de prata
Em alta velocidade
Em alta velocidade

De dentro do meu carro, eu vejo
A chuva, o sol, o vento e as nuvens
Dando voltas na Lagoa, eu penso
A vida nem sempre é boa
A vida nem sempre é boa

Até por ruas mais estreitas
Ou por grandes avenidas
Cruzando viadutos e túneis
Passam-se dias e noites
Passam-se dias e noites

Rasgando o espaço
Eu sinto o sol
Batendo em minha cara
Eu tenho a força
Eu sou veloz
No Mach 5 em alta velocidade
Em alta velocidade

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